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Hi and thanks for visiting!  It’s been a while since I created the Inspiring Life Program and I’ve added my newest technique which I call Positive Energy Psychology or just PEP for short.  It’s a simple and wonderful positive version of EFT and I think you’ll really like it.

So, I’ve updated my original program and I’ve made it free to everyone here:

Complete Inspiring Life Program


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.Listen to this Free EFT Recorded Process Now

You can listen to the first recording of the Your Inspiring Life program for yourself and see how powerful EFT is for yourself right now.  Just click the link below to listen now:

Click Here to Listen to the First Your Inspiring Life EFT Recording Now 


Welcome to Your Inspiring Life.

I love how that sounds, don’t you?

Hi, I’m Laura Lawson Boatman.  I’m the author of the Your Inspiring Life Program and I’m a licensed therapist and life coach.  

My program is designed to help you discover what really inspires you.  It then takes you by the hand and walks you through every step of creating a life that really fulfills you on the deepest level of your being.

What Dream Is Your Heart Calling You To Fulfill?

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a writer, an artist, a healer, or a teacher.  Or maybe you have another dream that you’ve been holding in your heart for a long time.  It could be that you just know you want to do something that really inspires and fulfills you but you’re not sure what that is.

Like many people, perhaps there’s a part of you that’s been holding you back from fully committing to your dreams.

If any of these sound like you, then you are the one I created my program for.

Your Inspiring Lifewill help you release all those self-imposed limitations, reconnect with the wisdom and inspiration within you, and help you make your dreams a reality.


Testimonial: She Discovers That Your Inspiring Life Opens Doors Within and Without

“I work in the entertainment industry.  Recently, I started listening to the Your Inspiring Life recordings about not feeling good enough/worthy enough and so on… well, miraculously the very next day after listening to your recordings I got a call for work! And few days later I reconnected with a director I hadn’t heard from for over two years about starting a new project!

I’m tapping every day, feeling better, watching my life change and it hasn’t even been two weeks yet. Thanks so much for your program, Laura!”

L.L., Los Angeles, CA


EFT: The Key To Freedom, Well-Being, and Inspiration

Your Inspiring Life uses a powerful process called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, to help you to easily and gently clear away the inner barriers that have been holding you back from living the life that you’ve always wanted to live.  I personally think it is one of the easiest and most powerful personal growth techniques I have found.

EFT is such a simple process and it’s easy to learn.  All you do is tap with your fingertips on nine different acupressure points on your face and body while you focus your attention on the thought or feeling you want to let go of.  As you do, these acupressure points open up the energy channels in your body to allow your natural state of well-being to come forth.  As a result, in a few minutes, you will feel better and your inner wisdom will give you a clearer, more positive perspective on whatever issue you are addressing.


Testimonial: Committing to Her Core Passion Gives Her a Shiningly Joyous and Rock Solid Moment of Clarity

“I first learned of Laura Lawson Boatman’s work about seven years ago.  During a workshop, she guided us through a profoundly transformative meditation.  Since that time, I have learned a number of valuable skills from her.  I have also greatly benefited from her peaceful and loving presence.  The culmination of her work is her complete Your Inspiring Life program.

“I attended her Your Inspiring Life workshop this past August and had a revelatory experience.  One part of her process incorporates EFT with periods of goal writing.  This combination serves to truly clarify and resolve issues.  Over the course of the workshop, I resolved an issue that had painfully confused me for 8 years.  It had always been somewhere in the background of my life.  Using the cycles of EFT and the goal writing, it just seemed to slip into a very different perspective, one that did not have a painful context – finally!  I also came to see that nothing stood in the way of pursuing my core passion in life.  I have not had to make any drastic changes in my life (an intense focus on Graduate School).  My perspective simply shifted monumentally and I began to live my one key passion – weaving it into my days and moments.

“The moment when I realized that not only could this happen, but that I had committed to it fully, was a shiningly joyous and rock solid moment of clarity.  That conviction has not shifted despite a school schedule with no spare moments.  It has shaped every moment since the initial realization.

EFT Helped Relieve Pain Almost Instantly

“In our workshop, there was a woman who had had a mastectomy the week before and she had been in pain all week.  She did not come to the workshop in order to relieve the pain: she had not known that it could have that effect.  But within a few minutes of doing EFT with Laura leading us through the cycles, she quietly and very dazedly told us all that the pain was gone.  It is one thing to hear that this is possible and even fairly common for EFT to work so well like this, it is quite another to see someone encompass that experience of pain simply vanishing.

“Laura is a luminous human being and her work is transformative.  You will be rewarded with every moment that you allow yourself to explore her program.”

Danna Carson

Flagstaff, AZ


What’s Included in Your Inspiring Life?

You get 27 powerful recordings, over three hours in all, that will help you let go of whatever has been holding you back and help you live a fulfilling, satisfying life.  Plus, Your Inspiring Life includesa 282 page eBook, a 30-Day Companion Email Course, and two bonus EFT recordings.  Together, all these resources provide you with everything you need to create an inspiring life and achieve your dreams.

20 Powerful EFT Recordings

Your Inspiring Lifeincludes 20 brief but powerful EFT recordings that will help you release the mistaken negative beliefs that have kept you from succeeding at your inspired goals.  Once you are free of these, each recording gives you new positive, empowering beliefs that will support you in fulfilling your dreams.

Each of the recordings is only about seven minutes long on average.  They address issues we all experience when we reach for new inspiring goals and stretch ourselves to a new level of growth in our lives.

The EFT recordings will help you release these key issues:

First Your Inspiring Life Recording: Teaches you EFT and addresses key issues

Anxiety and Deep Self Doubt

Fear of Making Mistakes

Fear of Failure

Not Believing In Yourself and Your Abilities

Not Feeling Confident and Doubting Your Ability To Succeed

Afraid You’re Not Good Enough to Achieve Your Goal

Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

Wanting to Give Up

Worry About What Other People Think of You

Feeling Nervous and Insecure

Fear of Taking Action

Fear of Success: This is a common shadow issue that people often have to deal with before they allow themselves to be successful.

Difficulty Hearing and Following Your Inner Guidance

Feeling Discouraged at Setbacks When Things Aren’t Going Right

Feeling Like a Loser Who Will Never Succeed

Inherited Anxiety and Self-Doubt: This process addresses the idea that we inherit these tendencies through exposure to them in our families and through our actual DNA.

Healing and Releasing Painful Past Experiences

Not Wanting to Let Go of Anxiety and Self-Doubt: This is also a shadow aspect of us that we may not recognize but often influences our lives nevertheless.

Sadness about Not Feeling Good Enough and Not Feeling Able to Love Yourself As You Are: This is a nice process that seems to get to the heart of things. Everyone has had the feeling that they were not good enough at one time or another.  Well-being and success will grow from the foundation of releasing judgments of ourselves and loving ourselves as we are. This recording is a good tonic for that.


Testimonial: This Spiritual Life Coach Says the Recordings Feel Like Pure Liquid Gold

“I love the Program.  I’ve loved it from the start… Laura’s voice on the audio files is graceful, elegant, beautiful, and what a ballerina would sound like if her dance were converted into sound.  Often, I energetically feel the anxiety and discontent of people around me and listening to Laura’s voice as she is guiding me through the EFT audios feels like I am immersed in a tub filled with pure liquid gold.”

Marcy E. Kessler, M.S.

Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Soulmate Attraction Coach, Princess of Peace and Love Creations


Listen to the First EFT Recording of the Program Now


You can listen to the first recording of the program for yourself here and see what it’s like right now:

Click Here to Listen to the First Your Inspiring Life EFT Recording Now


Seven More Inspiring Recordings

Your Inspiring Lifealso includes seven additional recordings that will help you live a life of inspiration and unconditional well-being.  They will help you:

Create New Empowering Beliefs

Two more EFT recordings help you anchor a whole variety of uplifting, empowering affirmations in your consciousness.

Make the Law of Attraction Really Work For You

This recording helps you make the Law of Attraction work for you in a powerful way by helping you clearly envision what you want and then guiding you to energetically draw it to you.  By the way, using EFT to get rid of those negative beliefs that come up when you think about your dream is truly the key to making the Law of Attraction work for you in a consistent way.  I’ll show you how in the program.

“You are meant to live a life that inspires and fulfills you.”  — Laura Lawson Boatman

Feel Your Unconditional Well-Being

Two guided meditation recordings help you connect with the unconditional well-being beneath the limiting thoughts of your mind.  This is who you really are.  And as you connect with this deeper part of yourself, all things are possible.

Access the Unlimited Wisdom Within You

This recording helps you connect with the unlimited source of wisdom and guidance within you.  Every answer you will ever need is already within you.  This recording helps you access your own wisdom in a fun, inspiring way.

Feel Gratitude for Who You Are

This process helps you step back and feel gratitude for who you are and what you have accomplished.  It helps keep you inspired and motivated and it feels really good.


Testimonial: It Helps Me Become My True Self, my Sincerest, Most Beautiful and Divine Self

“What I find the most comforting about using EFT in concert with Laura’s Your Inspiring Life program is that it helps me become, and remain, my true self, my sincerest, most beautiful and divine self. The self I know I am when all the layers of ego and doubt and judgment shed away and I can fully radiate.

EFT Really Works

“The other night I was exhausted, plopped down on the couch and forced myself to check phone messages.  All I did was see the name of the voice mail to remember what I’d forgotten – a massage appointment the afternoon.  AHHHH!!!!  And the massage therapist is one of my dearest friends!  How could I . . . why do I . . . I’m so . . . she’ll never . . . if only . . . here came the judgment, doubt, criticism.  I slowly made my way towards the hot shower, and while letting the water flow over me, decided to try EFT as Laura taught me to do.  It only took one “round” before the ill feelings were washed away.  Suddenly, I felt calm, peaceful and knew it wasn’t anything more than not reviewing my schedule prior to leaving that morning.  I also knew my friend/therapist would be understanding, and she was.  The layers were just peeling away and I was my true nature, so was my friend and I look forward to our next massage.

“EFT is part of our own tool box for self-care and self love. And Laura has helped me by teaching me the process, validating my feelings, and encouraging me to keep trying, keep discovering, keep learning, and keep on loving myself.  I know my life is on a healthier and more hopeful path thanks to Laura’s teaching of EFT and her Inspiring Life program.

EFT Works for Allergies, Too

“I am an RN and am entangled in a web of western medicine while believing in integrative medicine and a holistic approach to our health.  While recently on a walk in our neighborhood forest, I was overcome very quickly by an allergy attack – itchy, watery eyes, incredible congestion, sneezing and feeling miserable.  And I didn’t have my Claritin, which I try not to take often, or my homeopathic eye drops.  I washed my eyes with water without success.  Thankfully, I decided to go ahead and try EFT as Laura teaches.  I have to admit I was skeptical!  Yeah, right!  Tapping!  I just need my eye drops and an antihistamine and I’d be fine.  Still, I gently went through 3 rounds of EFT, each one more effective, until I was just feeling the slightest of symptoms – nothing like the incredible congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing I’d been feeling just minutes before!

“I had wanted to believe, but I didn’t for such a strong physical reaction.  And it worked!  And it’s with me all the time.  I don’t have to pack another thing in my backpack!  I simply use the knowledge Laura has passed on to me, and voila!  I feel better almost instantly.  I look forward to continuing this work to help me with my allergies to cats and horses, as well as other physical ailments.  We have the power within ourselves to heal.  Thanks so much Laura for your genuine interest in the well-being of others.”

Shannon W


The eBook

Your Inspiring Life also includes a 282 page eBook that walks you through every step of the program in a fun, easy way.  The first four chapters will help you go through the program quickly and the rest of the book gives you additional support and ideas as you need them.  Here are some of the things that are covered in the book:

Learn EFT, the powerful new psychological process that will easily clear away any negative, limiting beliefs and feelings

Know where you’re starting from

Explore and clarify what you want to create

Define and commit to your goals

Create and energize your vision for your life to inspire you to action

Develop your inspired game plan to achieve your goals

Identify your limiting beliefs and easily clear them using EFT

Gently release painful past experiences and their influence on your current life

Receive guidance and inspiration to help you achieve your goals

Release any fears about taking action

Take inspired action to achieve your goal

Feel gratitude for your progress every step of the way

Learn the missing key to make the universal Law of Attraction really work for you

Find your center of well-being through simple yet powerful guided meditation processes

Deal with intense emotions in a positive way

Effectively resolve roadblocks and setbacks

Scripts of all the audio processes are included in the eBook so you can easily read along with the recordings whenever you like or adapt them for your own use. 

51 brief, easy to follow scripts in the eBook help you release additional issues that might also be holding you back from living your inspiring life.  They include some wonderful affirmations for you to use as well.


“You have a purpose to fulfill in your life and your heart guides you to that purpose.”  — Laura Lawson Boatman  

Inspiring Thirty Day E-Mail Course

You will also receive my 30-Day Your Inspiring Life Email Companion Course that will help keep you focused and motivated as you go through the program.  Follow this simple course and in 30 days, you will feel inspired, enthusiastic, and confident about achieving your dreams.  You will have released your inner barriers to taking inspired action and you will have made significant progress toward creating the life you want.

Two Bonus EFT Recordings

I have also included two special bonus EFT recordings that will help with issues that often hold us back from living an inspiring life:

Release Worry and Guilt About Money with EFT: Bonus One

Most people would welcome the flow of more money into their lives.  However, when you worry and feel guilty about wanting money or having it, you can short-circuit the process that allows money to flow into your life.  This EFT recording helps you release these old habits of feeling worried or guilty about money and helps you trust that there is plenty of moneyavailable to you and that you can feel wonderful as you allow and welcome it into your life now.

($9.95 Value, Free with Your Inspiring Life)

EFT for Feeling Shy and Awkward Around People: Bonus Two

Most people have times when they feel shy and awkward around other people.  We may not know what to say to someone, or we may worry that other people don’t like us or are judging us.  This EFT recording will help you release these tendencies and allow yourself to enjoy being with other people and feel comfortable just being yourself.

($9.95 Value, Free with Your Inspiring Life)

“You are never given a dream without also being given the ability to achieve it.”

EFT is the Key That Will Unlock Your Potential

I just want to say one more time, EFT is truly a powerful resource.  It is the most effective and rapid method of releasing negative beliefs and feelings that I have ever found.  It’s really amazing.  In fact, that’s why I created this program… because I know EFT really works.  I feel that it’s part of my own inspiring purpose in life to share the power of wonderful tools like EFT and help people like you to use them to live a fulfilling, satisfying, inspiring life.

My Guarantee To You

I want you to feel totally comfortable giving Your Inspiring Life a try which is why I have a 60 day, unconditional guarantee.  If you get the program and decide it doesn’t suit you, just ask for your money back and you will get it.  I only want you to keep the program if it is really helping you.

I do hope you give it a try, though.  If you do, I think you’ll be very happy you did.


 Testimonial: My Potential to Thrive is Infinite

“When I took your Your Inspiring Life workshop, I was thinking about starting my own business, which felt daunting and overwhelming. I wasn’t sure that I would really be able to make enough money in this new venture because I wasn’t sure my product was really “good enough”. Your Five Steps to Living an Inspiring Life showed me that I was really limiting myself through the language I was using and that my potential to thrive in this business is, actually, infinite! I was able to gain clarity in my desire to succeed, what I’m willing to do to make it happen, and where my emotional weak spots are. Thank you for helping me tap into my inner creator and guiding me toward understanding just how powerful I truly am.”

Sandy Quintanilla, Ceramic Artist


It’s Time to Live Your Inspiring Life

The Your Inspiring Life Program truly has the potential to transform your life and help you to live the life you have always dreamed about.  I designed the program to be very easy to use.  In fact, even if you just listened to one of the seven minute recordings a day, it would really help move you forward toward your dreams.

Your Inspiring Life combines the most powerful personal growth techniques I’ve ever experienced: EFT, guided visualization, and connection with the unconditional well-being and wisdom within you.

With the Your Inspiring Life Program, all you have to do is listen and follow along and watch your life transform from the inside out.

Begin Your Inspiring Life Now

You will receive the Your Inspiring Life Audio Journey Library, 27 mp3 recordings (over 3 hours in all), the Your Inspiring Life eBook, the 30 Day Course and the two Bonus EFT Recordings, all for only $77.  Plus, you can download the program right now, which means that in just a few minutes, you can get started living your own inspiring life.

A note about format:  the recordings are in mp3 format and the eBook is in Adobe pdf format.  Your computer should just auto
matically open these files for you, but if you need the Adobe Reader program, I give you a link to download it for free.


Once again, remember you can get the complete Inspiring Life Program plus much more in our Circle of Light



“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now.”  — Goethe

Are you ready to begin it now?  If you are, I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. I wish you a life of ever-expanding well-being, inspiration, and fulfillment… and I would love to help you get there with Your Inspiring Life.  

Laura Lawson Boatman, MSW, LCSW  Author of the Your Inspiring Life Program


Be Inspired

Live Your Dream

Clarify what you truly want

Release the inner barriers to achieving your dreams

Move forward with passion and enthusiasm

27 recorded mp3 processes

282 page eBook

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