Why You Have Not Yet Followed Your Dreams and Three Steps to Change That

So many of us have dreams in our hearts that we have wanted to pursue all of our lives.  So, what is it that holds us back from reaching for those dreams and doing everything in our power to achieve them?  I think I have the answer and I know what can be done about it.

I truly believe that we each have the capacity within us to achieve whatever we set our minds to.  We are never given a dream without also being given the ability to achieve it.

However, what happens too often is that we let ourselves get pulled down by our fears and negative beliefs about our abilities and our potential.  We have learned to protect ourselves from being hurt by disappointment or failure.  Unfortunately, this fear often leads to avoidance of the very thing that will bring us the most joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Think about this: The very thing we are most afraid of, failing to succeed at our heartfelt dreams, is exactly what we guarantee will happen if we don’t try.

Our hearts do guide us.  We get flashes of inspiration, thoughts of how wonderful it would be to do something that sounds like it might be fun and fulfilling.  But then, the negative beliefs kick in.  And they go like this: “Yes, that would be nice, but…” and then we proceed to remind ourselves of all the reasons we can’t do what we really want to do.  And there goes the dream, buried again beneath a pile of negative beliefs.  

So What’s the Solution?

The negative beliefs that arise when you think about pursuing your dreams are simply this: thoughts.  And you can change your thoughts.  Here’s a simple method to get you started on this:

Step One: What are the Negative Beliefs?

Write down the negative thoughts that come up when you think about following your dream.  Just write them down and get them out of your head.  Sometimes, this is all you need to do to recognize that the thoughts in your head are not the absolute truth.  Writing them down gives you a chance to step back and look at your habitual patterns of thinking more objectively. 

Step Two:  Are They True?

Read over the negative belief you wrote down and ask yourself this: Is this really true?  Then, make an effort to challenge the negative belief.  Write a response down that begins like this: Well, that’s just a thought and it’s not really true.  Here’s why:  And write down at least three reasons why that negative belief is not absolutely true for you. 

Step Three: You Can Do It

Next, write down the goal that you would love to accomplish and then write:  I can achieve this dream and here’s why:  Then challenge yourself to write down at least three reasons why you can succeed.  I think you’ll find that the more you write, the more positive you will feel about your goal and your ability to achieve it. 

Try this once, and you’ll discover that your feelings become much more positive and hopeful as you do.  Your feelings follow your thoughts.  Change your thoughts and anything is possible.  With practice, you’ll be able to change those negative thoughts in your head as soon as they arise. 

EFT Really Turbocharges This Process

Of course, if you know me, you know that I think EFT is the quickest and most effective way to release those negative beliefs and replace them with new, empowering beliefs that motivate you to really follow your heart and succeed.  That’s why my whole Your Inspiring Life self-help program uses EFT as the foundation for letting go of those negative beliefs that have been holding us back from following our dreams.

Remember, you can try my free EFT recording and sign-up for my free eCourse right here on my website.  Both of these resources will teach you EFT and show you how to use this powerful technique to free you from those negative beliefs that have been keeping you from really going for that dream in your heart and make it happen. 

For the free recording, go to the home page and scroll down to the free recording.  For the free eCourse, just sign up on the sidebar in the upper right corner of this page. 

After you try them out, I’d love it if you would leave me a comment here on my blog and let me know what you think.  Thanks!

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