What is EFT? A Powerful Tool for Fulfilling Your Dreams

One of my favorite resources for achieving our dreams is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT.  I’ve been studying and exploring different approaches to personal growth and fulfillment for over twenty years now, and I have to say that I have found EFT to be one of the best methods to easily, gently, and quickly free ourselves from negative beliefs and emotions that have been holding us back from living lives that truly inspire and fulfill us.  When you use the simple technique of EFT on a regular basis, it really can help you let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions and move you forward in the direction of your heartfelt dreams. 

What is EFT?

EFT is a powerful but little-known technique that has the potential to truly transform your life.  Although EFT represents the cutting edge of psychology today in my opinion, its roots reach back five thousand years to Chinese Medicine acupressure techniques.  Chinese Medicine has meticulously mapped out a series of energy channels in our bodies called meridians.  When these channels of energy become constricted or distorted, disease and disharmony are the result.  With EFT, you simply tap or rub on a series of nine key acupressure points on your face and body in order to activate each of these meridians.  When these points are stimulated in this way, the energy channels in the body open and your natural, healthy flow of energy is restored. 

The key concept that EFT brings to psychology and Chinese Medicine is the pairing of an emotionally painful idea or memory with the tapping of these points.  Whenever we have a negative emotion, it is a sign that our energy channels have closed down.  Often, a negative idea or belief will trigger this constriction in the flow and a negative emotion will result such as anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. 

How EFT Works

To use EFT, all you do is think about something that normally upsets you or takes you out of a feeling of well-being while you tap on the EFT points.  As you do, you will be retraining your nervous system to let go of the constriction and stay open while you think about that painful idea or memory.  As a result, you will feel a wonderful feeling of well-being quickly replacing your anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, self-doubt, and so on.  EFT helps you easily and gently release those old, unwanted painful emotions and beliefs in a very short time. 

EFT Helps You Feel Your Natural State of Wisdom and Well-Being

EFT reprograms the nervous system to release the intensity around any problem and lets your innate well-being and wisdom flow.  Once the intensity decreases sufficiently, you will suddenly become aware of wonderful healing insights and/or feel a deep sense of peace, understanding, compassion, love, and acceptance related to the previously upsetting belief or memory.  It is truly wonderful. 

EFT Helps You Reach for Your Dreams

This deceptively simple yet powerful tool will be invaluable to you as you stretch yourself to reach for a dream that truly inspires you.  Because at each step, it’s likely that you will have issues, fears, negative beliefs, and emotions of all shapes and sizes emerging from the shadows.  When you decide to take a big step forward toward something you’ve always wanted to achieve, it is very common for such issues to get activated within you.  The reason why you haven’t followed your dreams up to now in your life is that you’ve had these negative beliefs hiding at the back of your consciousness, holding you back from taking action.  EFT will give you a powerful floodlight to look those issues square in the eye and release them.  As you do, you will be freeing yourself to follow your dreams with passion and enthusiasm. 

Thanks, Gary

I gratefully acknowledge Gary Craig as the originator of this simple yet profoundly effective process known as Emotional Freedom Techniques.  He is retired now, and I feel so blessed to be able to spread the word about EFT and teach people how to use it to change their lives. 

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