How to Strengthen Your Will: Embrace Your Inner Veruca Salt

I say, Veruca Salt rocks.  In case you need a reminder, she’s the “spoiled brat” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You can read my blog post about what I like about her here: So, What’s So Bad about Veruca Salt?

As I’m sure you can tell from that post, I think she’s a great example to follow in lots of ways.  Plus, her story shows us how we have all been trained to believe that wanting and demanding that you get what you want out of life is wrong and makes us a “bad person.”

Strength of will, and by that I mean knowing exactly what you want and demanding and expecting it of the Universe and not giving up until you get it, is the key to getting whatever you truly want out of life. 

And Veruca has that down.

How to Strengthen Your Will

So, here are some lessons to take from Veruca:

  • Forget living to please other people. 
  • Do what you want to do.
  • Demand that the Universe give you what you want.
  • And don’t take no for an answer!

Remember that “no” is just a thought, just a word.  There is no “no” when you are fully committed to something that you really want with all your heart.

You Can Do It from a Positive Place…

Of course, we can have a strong, vibrant, powerful will in a more positive way than Veruca Salt.  We don’t have to rely on other people to be the sole channel for the things that we want.  We’re not children anymore.  We can focus our wills on what we want and take consistent, inspired action until we achieve our heartfelt goals. 

But like Veruca does: we don’t have to take no for an answer.  Let yourself discover what you really want, be persistent, and don’t give up until you get it.  And that’s how you will build that will muscle so it will be something you can rely on to help you get what you want out of life.

Here’s an Exercise That Will Help

Think about a goal that you want to achieve.  And then, let this be your mantra for the day: This is what I want and I WILL get it!  I want it NOW! 

Say that a few times to yourself and see if you can feel your will getting stronger, your resolve to live a life that truly fulfills and inspires you getting more powerful.  I can feel it, can you?

For More Help Building a Strong Sense of Will

I created my Your Inspiring Life self-help program to help us all overcome the inner barriers to achieving our heartfelt goals and help us focus our wills with clear intention and passion on whatever we want to experience and accomplish in our lives. 

For me, when I follow the five steps of the program each day, I can absolutely and instantly feel the change it makes within me.  With every step, I can feel the strengthening and enlivening of my will to achieve my heartfelt goals.

When I keep on tapping with EFT until I feel my thoughts and feelings shifting to a better-feeling place and I begin to feel inspired to take action, it transforms my experience of myself.  Every time I do this, I am freeing myself from another layer of what has been holding me back from embracing the next step on my journey with a strong sense of purpose and will to succeed.

I know from experience that the Your Inspiring Life program really works.  It is a great way to develop a strong sense of will so you can live a life that inspires and fulfills you and I really encourage you to check it out and see if it feels right for you. 

You can sign up for my free 7-day mini eCourse version of the program in the upper right hand corner of this page. 

Thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  Have a wonderful day and remember to let your inner Veruca shine through a little bit more each day.

Peace and blessings, Laura

3 Responses to “How to Strengthen Your Will: Embrace Your Inner Veruca Salt”

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  • agreed.. however, there is one flaw in your statement.. to be able to “demand” what you want, you have to earn the right.. the world owes you nothing..

  • Laura Lawson Boatman:

    You have an interesting point. To decide what you want and then sit back and expect it to come to you without taking any further action… well, that’s a stretch. But I think that there is great power in deciding what you want and then being absolutely determined to get it. This doesn’t preclude taking action. In fact, I think that making a decision about what you want and making a firm commitment to getting it inspires us to take the action required to achieve our goals.

    So, I say go ahead and demand what you want. I think you DO have the right to do this. We all do. But then, you “earn the right” to it by taking action on the inspirations you receive about how to achieve it once you make this commitment.

    Thanks for your comment. It’s great to share ideas about this.

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