Lesson 5: Center in Your Unconditional Well-Being

One of the keys to being truly free to act as you are inspired in your life comes from discovering that your well-being is truly unconditional.  Beneath all the judgments of your mind, there is an unlimited source of inner peace and well-being within you.  This is who you really are; this is your true Being, your essence.  This is the core of who you are. 

For the most part, we’ve lost touch with this place within us and so we end up relying on our ego, the thinker, to give us a sense of identity and purpose.  As a result, we think that our well-being depends on the external circumstances of our lives lining up perfectly.  This leads us to continuously strive for external satisfaction, for that one elusive thing that will make this experience of life feel better.  We think this will come from getting more money and stuff, from achieving a certain level of success, from finding the perfect partner, etc. 

Unfortunately, this just leads us on an unending search for the feeling that already resides within us, if we just take the time to look for it. 

Your Well-Being Is Unconditional

However, once we experience this state of unconditional well-being, this reconnection with who we really are, it changes everything.  We begin to understand that we can feel good, really good, no matter what is happening around us.  And this is true freedom.  With this deep understanding, we free ourselves to act as we are inspired, to try new things, to create experiences that sound like they would be fun or interesting.  We discover that the negative emotional reactions we have are superficial.  At a deeper level, all is well and we are centered eternally in our well-being. 

From my perspective, this is the ultimate goal of life.  To get off the hamster wheel of thinking that the source of well-being exists outside of ourselves and open the door to unconditional well-being ever-expanding in our lives. 

When we do, it makes all the Yes-Buts irrelevant.  What if I fail?  So?  That doesn’t change the essence of who I am.  All I need to do is use the negative emotions that arise from my ego’s reaction to any situation and tap on them until they no longer affect me.  In this way, I can use any experience as a doorway to increased freedom and unconditional well-being. 

Essentially, what we are doing is tapping on the conditions we place on our well-being.  These conditions are just thoughts.  We can let them go, a little bit every day, and we will be free. 

EFT Brings Freedom and Well-Being

So, there are two key techniques for experiencing your unconditional well-being that I am going to cover in this lesson.  The first is EFT and the second is meditation.  We’ve already covered EFT.  It is a great tool for releasing the conditions we place on our natural state of well-being.  All you need to do is tap until you get the issue down to a one or a zero and you will have set yourself free from another limiting condition you had placed on your well-being.  And when you do, you will feel the well-being welling up within you.  If you’ve tried EFT and you’ve tapped an issue down to a one or a zero, you know what I mean. 


The second method of accessing your unconditional well-being that I will be covering in this eCourse is meditation.  I really love this one.  Through a regular practice of focusing inward with the intention of experiencing your True Being, you can develop the habit in your body, mind, and spirit of connecting with your natural state of unconditional peace and well-being. 

Now, for some people, the idea of meditating doesn’t sound very fun at all.  They have visions of sitting cross-legged for hours trying not to think of anything while their mind races with thoughts of everything from the grocery list to how their feet are falling asleep.  

Although I think that kind of meditation works well for many people, it’s never been very effective for me.  I know for me, I like a more engaging, focused approach to meditation that helps me feel the flow of positive energy within me as quickly as possible.  I have found that directing my quiet attention to the seven energy centers within my body really helps me focus and go inward and feel my unconditional well-being in a short time.  I have created two different guided meditation recordings that use this technique for the Your Inspiring Life Program and they’re very effective. 

Do What Feels Right For You

However, you can do whatever kind of meditation process works best for you.  The goal is to take some time every day to step aside from your busy mind that’s thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow and what happened yesterday and just focus on the well-being of this moment right now.

If you don’t have regular meditation practice of your own, a simple way to feel your unconditional well-being is to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and repeat a nice affirmation to yourself for a while.  You can use one of these or create one of your own:

  • My well-being is unconditional.
  • Peace flows through my Being. 
  • I am filled with light and love.
  • I am thankful for who I am. 
  • I feel my True Essence in every moment. 

 For some extra help with this…

Again, to make it easier for you to connect with this wonderful feeling of well-being within you, the full Your Inspiring Life Program includes two brief guided meditation recordings.  These guided meditations help you focus on the seven energy centers within your body and help you quickly and gently go inward and feel the source of unconditional well-being within you.  They also help you focus on uplifting, expansive ideas and affirmations that will help you feel your well-being on a deeper level.

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Next time…

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about taking inspired action.  We’ll also go over how to develop a Game Plan to help you focus your energy and stay motivated.  Plus, I’ll give you a few tips on how to access your own inner guidance.  See you then! 


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