Lesson 6: Inspired Action, Your Game Plan, and Inner Guidance

Once you have done the four steps we have covered up to this point (Affirm, Clear, Envision, and Center), particularly the EFT step for releasing and clearing the negative beliefs that have been holding you back, you will naturally feel inspired to take the next step that will help you to achieve your goal. 

I have personally experienced this many times myself.  If I start out feeling confused and uncertain and worried about the next step I need to take, once I tap on it and feel clear, new ideas and inspirations just bubble up from the source of wisdom and inspiration within me.  Plus, I feel confident and enthusiastic about taking the next step to achieve my goal; I know what to do and I know it will go well.   

You’ll Know When You’re Ready for Action

You’ll know when you have done enough tapping because you will feel this enthusiasm about taking the next step to achieve your goal.  I recommend that you keep tapping until you get there.  Plus, the actions that you take from this clear, inspired to state will be more productive and effective than if you had just jumped in despite your anxiety or negative emotions. 

Keep tapping on the Yes-Buts that come up that interfere with you experiencing your natural feeling of inspiration and enthusiasm.  Keep tapping until you feel your enthusiasm building, because it will.  That’s when you will be ready to take inspired action.

Tapping on the fear of taking action is a great issue to address for this step.  To make this easier for you, there’s a recording for releasing fear of taking action in the Your Inspiring Life full Program

Exercise: Developing Your Game Plan

Take some time right now to come up with a beginning Game Plan for achieving your inspiring goal.  You don’t need to know every step to take to get there or how you are going to do it all right now.  You just need to focus on the first few steps to take.  Once these are complete and you have done your five steps for the day (Affirm, Clear, Envision, Center, Act), the next part of your journey will become clear to you.  Get clear about what you want, tap on the negative beliefs that stand in your way, envision joyful success, center in your well-being, and ask for inner guidance about how to proceed.  When you do, you will find that doors open and synchronicities happen to help you on your way.  The resources and ideas that you need to take the next steps will come to you. 

So, take a moment to jot down any ideas that you may have right now for achieving your inspiring goal.  If these actions sound fun to you and you feel enthusiastic about doing them, you know you’re ready for inspired action.  Otherwise, it’s time for more tapping until you do feel that inspiration and enthusiasm welling up within you.

Is there a better way?

If you can’t get yourself to feel enthusiastic about an action despite tapping on the issues that come up about it, you might need to step back and look at that step.  Is there another way to go about achieving your goal that feels more joyful to you?  Is there a way to get someone to help you with this step so you can focus on what you enjoy most?  Take some time to go within and ask for inner guidance about this.  It’s likely that there is a better way to achieve your goal that feels satisfying and enjoyable throughout the process. 

Ideas for Accessing Your Inner Guidance

Although you may not fully believe it, you actually have all the answers you will ever need already within you.  There is a source of wisdom and guidance within you that you can access any time you feel the need.  All you have to do is ask.  You can connect with this source of answers for any step of the process of achieving your inspiring goal.  Get clear about your question and then get quiet and ask for guidance on whatever problem or issue you have before you.  Take some time to explore this, write down whatever comes to you, and you will see for yourself that this is true. 

Negative Emotions can Jam the Signal

If you find that you are feeling particularly worried or upset about something, this can interfere with your ability to hear your own inner guidance.  You probably know by now what I’m going to say: when this happens, it’s time for some tapping.  Tap on the negative emotion about the issue until you feel peaceful about it. 

You can also tap on the issue of not being able to hear your inner guidance.  Then ask for answers from within.  I think you will find they come much more easily if you do.  In fact, after you finish tapping on an issue, you will often find that your natural wisdom and guidance automatically surfaces and you get a new, helpful perspective on an issue and how to address it most effectively.  It’s truly an amazing process. 

For more help with this…

To make the process of accessing your inner guidance easier for you, the full Your Inspiring Life Program includes a guided visualization recorded process that will help you connect with the source of inner wisdom and guidance within you.  There are also EFT recordings to help with difficulty hearing and following your inner guidance and for fear of taking action as I mentioned before. 

The eBook also has a lot of helpful ideas and fun exercises to help you develop your game plan and practice connecting with your inner wisdom as well. 

And of course, the whole Your Inspiring Life Program is designed to help you feel inspired, confident, and enthusiastic as you take action to achieve your dreams. 

To learn more about Your Inspiring Life, please click here. 

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about having a weekly session for planning and feeling gratitude to keep you inspired and motivated on your journey.  Then, we’ll wrap up this eCourse by talking about how to use these five steps each day to create a life that fulfills and inspires you.

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