Lesson 7: Gratitude and Planning Session and the Five Steps to Living an Inspiring Life

At the end of each week, I encourage you to have a special Gratitude and Planning Session.  This practice gives you a regular opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the progress you are making.  It also helps you see where you may be getting stuck and helps you focus on developing a plan for addressing whatever issues may be keeping you from moving forward.  And it helps keep you focused on your goal and the next steps to take to achieve it. 

Begin this session by reading your inspiring goal statement out loud.  Then, take some time to do each of the following steps:

Step One: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress. 

Write down all the things you accomplished over the past week.  Include all the steps you’ve taken toward achieving your goal, however small or large.  Also include all the internal steps you’ve taken toward your goal: these include the four steps of the Your Inspiring Life program: Affirm, Clear, Envision, and Center.  Don’t minimize the value of these actions, they are an essential part of your journey and they will really help you succeed at your inspiring goal.  Look over your list and let yourself feel how happy and proud of yourself you are that you have accomplished so much. 

 Now, say the following statement from the Your Inspiring Life eBook out loud to yourself:

I really have taken steps toward my goal this week, internal and external.  I am making progress toward feeling inspired in my life and achieving my goal and that feels good.  I am celebrating my success.  I’m doing great.  I’m following my path.  I love and honor myself for the person I am.  I’m doing a great job.  And I am grateful that success at my inspiring goal is getting closer with each step I take.

Step Two: Create your Game Plan for the coming week.  

Look over your Game Plan and make any changes or additions that might be needed.  Then, set some short-terms goals for the coming week.  Be sure to include internal goals (Affirm, Clear, Envision, Center) and external goals: the concrete actions you’ll take to get closer to accomplishing your inspiring goal.  

For extra help with this step:

The Your Inspiring Life full program includes a guided visualization recording that helps you really feel gratitude for who you are and all that you have accomplished.  It takes you to a beautiful garden where you give and receive gratitude in a circle of wonderful people who love and support you in achieving your inspiring goal.  And of course, the eBook guides you through every step of the Gratitude and Planning Session.  

It is so worth doing this Gratitude and Planning Session on a regular basis.  It will help you feel good on every step of the journey of creating a life that inspires and fulfills you. 

How to Live an Inspiring Life Each Day

If you’ve been following each step of this seven day eCourse, you’ve come a long way.  You’ve discovered a wonderful goal that really inspires you.  You’ve uncovered some of the key issues that have been holding you back up to now and you’ve begun letting them go with EFT.  You have created a wonderful vision of having accomplished your inspiring goal.  And you’ve begun to connect with that wonderful source of unconditional well-being within you. 

Now, all you need to do is follow these five simple steps each day to help you stay focused and enthusiastic as you take action toward your inspiring goal:

Affirm:  State your inspiring goal out loud to yourself
Clear:  Use EFT to let go of negative beliefs as they arise
Envision:  Imagine the wonderful details of succeeding at your goal 
Center:  Connect with the source of unconditional well-being within you
Act:  Take inspired action to achieve your goal 

Not counting the external action you take toward your goal in Step Five, the above steps should take you about twenty minutes to complete.  And you will feel wonderful at the end of it, refreshed and revitalized and ready to move forward toward your inspiring goal.  Of course, if you can only do one step a day, do that.  It will all help you move forward toward the inspiring life you want to live.  Do these five steps for twenty-one days, and you will have developed a positive, powerful, habit that has the potential to truly change your life. 

For extra help with this…

If you are feeling like you are ready to commit to living a life that inspires and fulfills you and you would like extra help and support with the steps we’ve covered in this eCourse, I really encourage you to think about investing in the full Your Inspiring Life Program

The 282 page eBook included in the program guides you through each step of living an inspiring life in more detail with a lot of fun exercises and helpful ideas to help you every step of the way. 

Plus, the full program includes 27 mp3 recordings to make it even easier for you to follow these steps: 


Your Inspiring Life includes 20 brief but powerful EFT recordings to address the most common negative beliefs and issues that arise when we reach for a new goal that inspires us.  The program also includes 2 EFT positive affirmation recordings and two bonus EFT recordings.  In addition, the eBook includes 51 brief scripts and affirmations to help you release a variety of additional issues and includes the full scripts of all the recordings so you can follow along as you read if you prefer. 


Your Inspiring Life includes an empowering guided visualization recording to help you vividly imagine yourself as having already achieved your goal and includes a powerful process for magnetically attracting what you want into your life. 


Your Inspiring Life includes two guided meditation processes that guide you to experience the unconditional well-being within you as you focus on the seven energetic centers within your body.  It also further enhances your feeling of well-being as you focus on powerful, expansive, positive affirmations.  Although each of these meditations is less than ten minutes long, they will leave you feeling truly wonderful when you’re done. 

There are also two additional mp3 guided visualization processes to help you connect with your inner guidance and feel appreciation and gratitude for who you are.

If you are interested in finding out more about the full Your Inspiring Life program, please click here.

And Here We Are

So, we’ve come to the end of this eCourse.  We have covered EFT and you have practiced using it yourself.  We’ve covered the five key steps of living and inspiring life: affirm, clear, envision, center, act and you’ve had a chance to experience each of these steps for yourself.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Experiences you’d like to share?

We’ve covered a lot in this eCourse.  I love to hear what you think.  Do you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share about what we’ve covered or what you experienced during the eCourse?  If so, please feel free to contact me here or just leave me a comment or question here on my blog.

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Let me thank you again for joining me in this mini eCourse version of Your Inspiring Life.  I hope you have enjoyed taking this course as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you. 

And remember, the full Your Inspiring Life Program is always here for you when you are ready to take your life to a new level of well-being, inspiration, and fulfillment.

Blessings always,


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