Lesson Four: Envision Yourself Achieving Your Inspiring Goal

After you have cleared away the most prominent Yes-Buts about your goal, you will now be much more open to experiencing the full inspiration and enthusiasm of achieving your dreams.  This is the perfect time to visualize success at your goal.

Instead of being pulled in the direction of I want this and in the opposite direction of I’m afraid I won’t get it, you can put much more of your pure energy toward the joy of imagining yourself achieving your goal once you’ve released your fears.

The Law of Attraction

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know the power of your focused intention to create and manifest the life that you want.  In my opinion, EFT is the key to making the Law of Attraction really work for you.  If you can clear the negative beliefs and fears that are holding you back from fully embracing your inspiring goal, you can focus the power of your intention like a laser beam on what you want to experience.  And that will magnify and empower your ability to attract what you want into your life.

Exercise: Envision Yourself Having Already Succeeded

Take a few minutes to write out a story where you have already succeeded at your inspiring goal.  Imagine that you can go forward in time to the day you realize that you have succeeded at this goal.  Describe how you feel at that moment.  As you write the story of your success, go into as much detail as feels good to you.  Really get into it.  Describe all the positive changes in your life that come about from succeeding at your goal. 

Every day, take a few minutes to read through this story and visualize it in your mind.  As you go through this process each day, you can refine this inspiring vision of success at your goal.  Let your intuition guide you to make your story better and better each day until you get it just right and it feels great.

Guided Visualization

Once you’ve written your inspiring story of success, take some time to relax and imagine that you have already succeeded at your inspiring goal.  Think about all the details you wrote about in the success story you just completed.  See, feel, and imagine yourself there.  Feel how good it feels to succeed at this goal that truly inspires you.  Feel how wonderful it feels to live your own inspiring life.

Feel the Vortex

To make this visualization process even more powerful, imagine a vortex of energy magnetically drawing what you want to you.  Imagine this vortex until you can really feel it and stay with this image until it feels complete.

By visualizing success at your inspiring goal in this way, you will be taking a significant step forward in aligning your energy with what you want and drawing it to you, allowing the success you desire to come into your life now. 

How did that feel?  It should feel wonderful to do this exercise.  If it doesn’t, it means there you still have some prominent shadow issues that you need to let go of.  Look at the feeling you’re having right now and the underlying belief related to it and use EFT to release the issue now. 

For more help with this…

To help make this visualization process even easier for you, the full Your Inspiring Life Program includes a recorded guided visualization process that will help you envision what you want and feel the joy and inspiration of achieving it.  It then walks you through the process of drawing what you want to you in a powerful way by helping you visualize the magnetic vortex of energy in more detail.  It also includes many positive affirmations about your unlimited power to manifest whatever inspires you and your natural state of unconditional well-being.

The eBook also includes many additional ideas for writing a Vision Statement that will truly inspire you.  

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In the next lesson, we will talk about the source of unconditional well-being within you and how to experience it for yourself. See you then!


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