Lesson Three: Discover What’s Holding You Back and Let It Go

Our hearts guide us to what will inspire and fulfill us the most.  However, there are usually a lot of negative, limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves that get in the way of us listening to and following our hearts.  These are your Yes-Buts as in: Yes, I want to do that, BUT I can’t because…  It’s important to realize that these are just thoughts.  And most of the time, they are not even true.  We learn these negative beliefs about ourselves and our potential from our families, friends, painful past experiences, and just from being part of the collective consciousness of humanity.  These mistaken negative beliefs sabotage us and keep us from going for what we really want.  Once you know what they are, you can release them with EFT.

Your List of Yes-Buts aka Your List of Issues for Clearing

Here’s how to discover the negative beliefs that have been holding you back: read the goal that you just created aloud and listen for the resistance that comes up when you do.  You’re going to write down any and all negative reactions, fears, and Yes-Buts that come up as you say your goal out loud. 

Again, it’s important to realize that these negative beliefs are just thoughts and you can change your thoughts.  They are not “reality,” no matter how much they may seem to be.  You’re just going to write them down.  Actually, these Yes-Buts give you valuable information about how to be free, achieve your goals, and experience unconditional well-being.  By recognizing and then releasing these negative thoughts with EFT, you will free yourself from limiting beliefs that have affected every aspect of your life.  

You are Ready to Let Them Go

I think it’s helpful to think of these negative beliefs as aspects of yourself that are just coming up to be released.  You (and the collective consciousness of modern humanity) have created these beliefs because you thought that they would somehow keep you safe from being hurt.  As I like to say, we want to love our fears, but follow our heart.  By that, I mean that there’s no reason to fear or run away from these negative beliefs.  It’s safe to look at them and then gently let them go with EFT.  Once you do, the natural inspiration and well-being of who you really are will be able to bubble up to the surface, like a cork in water bobs up to the surface after you remove the force that’s holding it down.  Just imagine how much more energy and personal power you would have if you systematically focused on releasing just one limiting belief a day with EFT. 

So, Let’s Generate a List of Yes-Buts

Exercise 1:

Just read your goal statement to yourself as you wrote it in the last lesson and start writing down all the negative reactions you experience.  Anxiety?  Sadness?  Anger?  Fatigue?  Dig deeper and ask yourself what the underlying negative belief is that’s related to this feeling.  Write them all down.

Exercise 2: 

Finish this statement:  I want to achieve this inspiring goal, BUT… make a list of what comes up. 

Look at the list you just generated and make a quick note about the intensity of feeling for each of these on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.  Now, prioritize these issues by numbering them according to this intensity rating.  That is, the most intense one will be the issue you release first with EFT and so on down the line. 

Next, we’ll let go of these mistaken, limiting beliefs and feelings with EFT.  Freedom and inspiration are just around the corner.

Next: Let Them Go with EFT

Start with the first issue on your list, that is, the most intense issue, and start tapping on it.  Don’t stop until you get it down to a 1 or 0.  I mean it.  It will go down and you will have discovered that you can change your beliefs and the negative feelings that go along with them.  You will have discovered the doorway to a new level of freedom and well-being in your life.  So, keep tapping! 

Over time, you will want to work on tapping on each of these issues on your Yes-But list until they are all gone.  You will probably find that once you clear away the first few, the rest of the list won’t seem as relevant anymore.  That is, the effect of EFT will often generalize to help you release the less intense issues further down on the list without even tapping on them directly.  So, as you tap on the additional issues on your list, double-check the intensity rating before you start. 

For extra help with this…

You can tap on each of your Yes-But issues on your own and you will make a lot of progress.  However, to make things easier for you, the Your Inspiring Life full program has 20 brief EFT recordings to help you release each of these key issues that we all experience when we’re reaching for a new goal that inspires and challenges us:

Anxiety and deep self doubt

Fear of making mistakes

Fear of failure

Not believing in yourself and your abilities

Not feeling confident and doubting your ability to succeed

Afraid you’re not good enough to achieve your goal

Procrastination and lack of motivation

Wanting to give up

Worry about what other people think of you

Feeling nervous and insecure

Fear of taking action

Fear of success: This is a common shadow issue that people often have to deal with before they allow themselves to be successful.

Difficulty hearing and following your inner guidance

Feeling discouraged at setbacks when things aren’t going right

Feeling like a loser who will never succeed (we’ve all been there)

Inherited anxiety and self-doubt: This process addresses the idea that we inherit these tendencies through exposure to them in our families and through our actual DNA.

Healing and releasing painful past experiences

Not wanting to let go of anxiety and self-doubt: This is also a shadow aspect of us that we may not recognize but often influences our lives nevertheless.

Sadness about not feeling good enough and not feeling able to love yourself as you are: This is a nice process that seems to get to the heart of things. Everyone has had the feeling that they were not good enough at one time or another.  Well-being and success will grow from the foundation of releasing judgments of ourselves and loving ourselves as we are. This recording is a good tonic for that.

Good stuff.  And each recording includes nice, empowering affirmations at the end of each round, when you’re most receptive to new beliefs.  Plus, the eBook includes 51 additional simple scripts with set-up phrases, reminder phrases, and affirmations to help with a bunch of other issues that often hold us back from pursuing our dreams with passion and enthusiasm. 

The Your Inspiring Life eBook also includes chapters with lots of extra tips and ideas for identifying and releasing your Yes-Buts.  Plus, the program guides you to let go of painful past experiences and helps you come to a place of peace, freedom, and understanding about them instead. 

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Coming Up Next…

In the next lesson, I’ll help you come up with a vision of your success that will really inspire you and then I’ll go over some key tips for visualizing what you want that will energize you and help you make it really happen.

This will be fun.  Looking forward to seeing you then!


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