Lesson Two: Getting Clear About What You Really Want

Now that you know how powerful EFT is from your own experience, I’m going to show you how EFT fits into the five step process for manifesting your dreams.

The first step in creating a life that inspires and fulfills you is to clearly and powerfully affirm what you want to the Universe on a daily basis. 

Clarifying what you want

Now, before you can affirm what you want, you need to have some clarity about what that is.  So, we’re going to start with a few fun exercises from Your Inspiring Life to help you do just that. 

Now, as we go through these exercises, just let yourself play with them and see where they take you.  Let your imagination guide the process and remember these are just a fun way to connect to your inner guidance and your heart.  There’s no wrong way to do this.  It’s also likely that you’ll start experiencing some negative beliefs, or what I call Yes-Buts as we go through.  Thoughts like: Yes, I would love to do that, but I can’t because…That’s just fine.  Actually, just write these negative thoughts down on another piece of paper and get back to the exercise.  We’ll take care of the Yes-Buts in Step Two with EFT. 

Exercises to Discover What You Really Want

Okay, take some time to think about and write your answers to the following questions:

1.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?  If you had a magic wand that would absolutely ensure that you would succeed, what would you choose to do?  I love this one.  It really gets you thinking about what’s been holding you back.

2.  What do you really enjoy doing?  What do you love to do most in your life?  What’s really fun for you?  What bring you the most joy? 

3.  Imagine that you suddenly won ten million dollars.  After you bought all the stuff you want and took a nice break, how would you spend your time?  What would you explore if you didn’t have the pressure of making money to hold you back?  What would you do with the rest of your life?  What would feel most meaningful and inspiring to you? 

Now look over what you just wrote and look for themes.  What inspiring goal do these answers point you toward? 

If you find it difficult to pinpoint the details of what you want, look at the essence, the feeling, of what you want rather than the details.  For example, be sure to include what you want to feel as you live your inspiring life: joy, peace, well-being, enthusiasm, inspiration, fulfillment, happiness, etc. 

Feeling a Little Stuck Still?

If you’re really feeling stuck, you can also look at what you don’t want and then let that show you what you do want. Often, when we’re feeling down, it’s easier to make a list of the things we don’t like about our lives.  These hold the key to discovering what you do want, however.  All you need to do is ask yourself: what is the opposite of each of these things on my Don’t-Want list?  And then write them out in positive terms.  For example, if you don’t like feeling stressed out all the time, you would write out what you want like this: I want to feel relaxed and peaceful in my life.  Hint: It’s better not to write what you want in a negative format.  For example, don’t write: I don’t want to be stressed.  You get what you focus on, so make it positive.  You’ll know it’s positive when it feels really good to say it out loud to yourself. 

Next Step: Formulate Your Goal

Now, you’re going to take the clues you gathered from your answers to the exercises in the last lesson and come up with a goal that really inspires you.  This goal is just for you.  Don’t share it with anyone at this point.  There is power in keeping a cherished goal focused within yourself and you also won’t be exposing yourself to other people’s potentially negative, wet-blanket thoughts about it. 

So, go ahead and take a few minutes to write down a goal that really inspires you.  This will just be a starting place.  As you say your goal to yourself each day, listen for ways to make it even more wonderful for you and refine it as you go along.  We’ll start with what you have here. 

Here’s how to phrase your goal:

Begin with “I intend” or “I choose.”  Use whichever one feels better to you.  For example, you might write:  I intend to live a joyful, abundant life as a successful (artist, writer, healer, teacher, etc.)”

Now, clarify how you will know you have achieved your goal.  For example, “I will know I have achieved this inspiring goal when I am making over $5,000 a month as a musician and I’m feeling wonderful in my life.” 

Remember, if any Yes-Buts come up as you go through this process, just write them down for now. 

Now, after you write down your goal, I want you to write this:

I am 100% committed to achieving this goal.  Did you feel a little tweak when you wrote that down?  That’s okay.  Just write it down on your Yes-Buts list.  We’ll take care of that with EFT in the next step. 

For Extra Help with This…

If you want some extra guidance about this process, the Your Inspiring Life eBook devotes a whole chapter to helping you first see where you’re starting from: what you like, don’t like, and would like to experience in every area of your life.  The next chapter helps you discover what you really want through a series of fun exercises, expanding on the ones we did together today in this lesson.  And another chapter gives you extra guidance to help you create and commit to a goal that really inspires you and feels wonderful.

You’re Doing Great

Just take the rest of the day to enjoy what you have discovered today.  Know that you are never given a dream without also being given the ability to achieve it.  Trust me, follow the steps of Your Inspiring Life, and you will get there. 

Take care and I’ll see you next time!


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